We can provide a design for your home addition that makes your home look amazing.

-A renovation that not only adds a huge amount of space but also enhances the look of your home.
-A beautiful home for your family and your lifestyle
-Imagine the value added to your home?
-Does your designer or architect care if your renovation actually gets built? If the budget blows out? or will they only provide an expensive design and then move on to the next client?
-We design and build all in house, 1 stop shop and save you 10’s of thousands of dollars and valuable time.
-Spannenberg and Son can provide you a full design and detailed quote for your renovation, and then get the plans all council approved on your behalf.
-Because we provide to you a design and quote as 1 package we can also design it to suit your budget.
-Our trades are experienced and trained to build complexed designs that others can’t.

Make an enquiry today if you wish to see your home renovation dream become reality.

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