Our Expertise


Whatever your needs and dreams, we can bring it to life.

First Floor Additions

Forget simple floor plans and a tacked-on box. Our additions are created through the preparation of detailed designs that incorporate style and functionality to enhance your home and bring about the wow factor and lifestyle returns you’ve been looking for.


Got extra space for an outdoor patio, extra bedroom or entertainment area? An extension may be right for you. Whatever the budget or needs, we work with you to ensure that we make the most out of your land.


When re-establishing the structure of your existing home to accommodate new lifestyle needs, it is vital to use only professionally trained experts in their field who are fully adept in the renovation market. Blending old and new is not something to be taken lightly.

Design & Construct

Don’t spend 20k-30k designing your amazing new space only to discover you don’t have the finance to match construction costs. Having to start again is devastating to the point where many families often give up. Get what you want within the reality of the budget you have