The majority of the work to build your home renovation will be done by subcontractors and tradespeople. They have to be supervised, and it’s very important that the supervisor should work for the builder. The supervisor must be fully experienced, because it’s the supervisor who keeps the subcontractors and tradespeople up to the mark.

Did you know that some building companies pay their supervisors a bonus for saving money on the job – which they can probably only do by cutting corners? So, what do you think – are those companies bent on delivering to the customer – to you – the highest quality and best job they possibly can?

Supervisors know, just as building companies do, that the huge majority of their customers know very little about construction. Best practice companies employ best practice supervisors who keep the customer informed and give the customer what they want. Other supervisors pull the wool over their customers’ eyes, saving the builder money by delivering a substandard job while pretending that “this is the right way to do it.”

Should the supervisor be on site every minute of the working day, every day?

No. One supervisor may be responsible for more than one job. But he or she should be visible often enough to be able to make sure the job is done right.

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