This is a question many people consider

As a home renovation specialist, I am going to put some points forward for renovating in lieu of new build.

Renovating your house is often seen as more expensive per meter square than building new – You can demolish your house and rebuild new but you can expect that to cost more than adding a first or ground floor addition and renovating say your kitchen or bathroom, you can generally add space and do much to your house at much less cost than demolition and rebuild.

You may be considering selling and buying elsewhere, disadvantages are –
you will need to find temporary accomodation
you may not get the house you want in the area you live? More often than not people don’t want to move, you children are in schools there, you like your friends and neighbours.
You may like the character of your’e original home.
You may even have an attachment to your’e current home and the memories there.
Stamp duty and moving costs can add costs also.

Doesn’t happen too often but occasionally the original house is in very bad shape and is not worth fixing up, but this is rare.

It is down to your situation but these are some good points to think about.
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