Our new recruit

What sort of training do builders do?

We aim to be #industry best, that means picking the best workers and training for the future. Here is a photo of Phoebe, who has joined our #team doing #drafting #design and #sales, Phoebe has just started Her 2nd year uni doing #architecture

Spannenberg and Son has trained dozens since the early 1970’s we currently have 3 apprentice carpenters and a further 2 of our carpenters are doing further training in cert3 building, 10 of us are doing a safe working at heights course next month and 3 their first aid, Rob is doing a health and safety course. Ben and Nigel do continued #profession #development on a regular basis including industry meetings.

Did you know builders do all this training?

It is such a pleasure to invest in our staff.

We have great honest and reliable workers who work hard and are committed to their job and take pride in their work, work on your home!

Looking to extend or renovate?

You can trust Spannenberg and Son with your #renovation because we aim for absolute best practice and for the best design and the best #build.

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