Meet the builder

Ben Spannenberg 2nd generation #builder

I Started working in the family business when I was 5, you could do that in those days. When I finished school in 1992 I started my trade in #carpentry and joinery, as an apprentice I was working after hours helping Dad with things like typing up quotes for clients, I then went on to complete the Advanced certificate in building supervision.

There have been many changes and advances in the industry over this time, back when I started roofs were all hardwood and hand cut, and we tended to do everything ourselves rather than outsourcing. On a regular basis I do continued #professional development so as to keep up with the latest changes.

Quality of materials is certainly better these days, and our trades are experienced and take the time to deliver quality work.

The standard set by my father was to deliver service, quality work and strive for industry best practice, I believe we deliver this and are the best in the industry.

The best and my favourite part of the job is provide #homeextension and #renovation designs that meet the client brief, look fantastic and transform not only our clients home but really add to their lifestyle.

#Spannenberg&son #since1971

Looking to extend your home? Give us a call or click here Http:// to get our Ebrochure or for Instagram users visit the link on our profile here @spannenbergandson

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