Is your old #garage ceiling sagging and falling down? Particularly near the rolla door, Joints showing?
We see it all the time in 30year old #houses .Yet houses 40 -50 years old with fibre cement ceilings are often not affected.

Why is this?

Garages are often single skin brickwork, bricks are porous so the air and the environment in a garage is more damp, as a result garages are not suitable as #living or sleeping space and are considered non-habitable.

Because of this humidity we need to use more moisture resistant products like fibre cement or wet area board to withstand the moist environment and not just standard #plasterboard

At #Spannenberg&son we batten our garage and #alfresco #ceilings out with more timber support and then sheet with wet area board.

Does your #Builder do this?

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