Is your Builder complying with the Home Building Act? have you signed a contract before you start building?

Things you need to check are-

A contractor who is doing building work on your home over $20000 needs to provide a certificate of insurance for home warranty insurance. If your builder or contractor is not registered for this insurance or cannot provide a certificate of insurance, it is illegal for him to contract and work on your home.

It is not legal to split the work or the contract up into small segments to get around the threshold. Eg $10k for cabinets and $12k for install or $19k for demolition and $18k for tiling.

The certificate of insurance must be in place before signing.

Is the contractor licensed? or does he have the correct licence for the work entailed? if He does not He is working illegally.

A contractor cannot take a deposit from you till the contract has been signed.

You can find out more through the Department of Fair Trading online and you can also search up a contractors licence online.

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