How do I know the quotation from my builder is accurate and the costs will not blow out?

Am I comparing apples with apples?

Please read this, as the onus is on you to make a good choice and not be disappointed.

Spannenberg and Son have built thousands (yes thousands!) of home extensions #since1971

so what would they say?

Ben says you need a design first, know what it looks like, know that the build suits your needs, how big it is and what materials are included? Any builder who rushes in one door and out the other and gives you a price without a design has not priced the job accurately and has given you an estimate not a quotation, He will hit you up for extras left, right and centre.

Secondly -You need a specification, you need to know exactly what has been budgeted for, you don’t want to be disappointed during the build when you find what the builder has installed or budgeted for is not what you wanted or even the right size.

Thirdly-You may be surprised to know that many builders in order to come in low on price to win your work will not price in site project management, they will let the job run without proper supervision, project management and coordination and will just wing it as they go and let their apprentice run the job, they take 3 times as long to build and often the client ends up running the job, trades don’t turn up and there is shoddy workmanship.

Please choose wisely!

If you need a full design and quotation, #spannenbergandson offer a full service.

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