1 – Get a builder that specialises in the type of work you are doing, who knows the unique challenges that come with the type of work you are looking to do. Like you would get an obstetrician to deliver your baby, you would get a home extension specialist to deliver you first floor addition.
2 – Get a builder that takes the time to speak to you about your project, your needs and what ‘you’ want. Not what the builder is pushing on you or what he wants to build. Get a builder that has given you a good well thought out design and a thorough quotation. Don’t choose a builder that just rushes in there, knocks up a fast quote, moves on and does not care.
3 – Check the builders reviews and references. Don’t just trust what the builder said, see his reviews, speak to his past clients and not just your mate at the pub or your cousins recommendation.
4 – Get a builder that turns up on time, responds to calls and messages, and has good systems and documentation in place and has a good social media presence. If the builder is professional in these things it is highly likely everything else he does is likewise.
5 – Choose a builder you feel comfortable with. You need to work closely with your builder and to trust him with your biggest asset. So choose a builder you can talk to.

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