Don’t risk engaging a builder who is inexperienced!

Ask your builder what experience he has? Check with some of his previous clients or online reviews, do a builders licence check, you can even see online how many projects they have completed.

Ben Spannenberg is a second generation builder and oversees our team of qualified, professional project managers who are at the top of the home renovation industry.

Spannenberg and Son has been extending and renovating homes since 1971 and we employ an experienced team of qualified professionals to manage your project, to be your point of contact on a daily basis and to organise trades, control the cost and ensure the quality of work that goes into your home renovation.

How many times do you hear of trades not turning up and the client ending up running the job?

Many builders might say that they have the experience and might say they have built hundreds of home renovations but have they? Spannenberg and Son has!
Don’t take our word for it, there is so much information available online that you can check.

It is not uncommon to hear of home renovation horror stories or unsatisfied clients, often when home owners go for a cheap quote or have engaged a builder with little experience and particularly with regard to home renovating.

Don’t risk your home renovation with a builder who does not employ quality staff, supervise the work properly or have the experience to manage often complicated projects.

Yes the cost of quality staff is passed onto you the client, but for most people their home is their biggest investment, so don’t risk it.

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