Do mosaic tiles cost more?

You will see the lovely mosaic tiles we have laid on the back wall in this recent home renovation at Bradbury.

Doesn’t it look great?

Mosaic tiles may be a little more expensive to buy but it is primarily in laying the tiles where the addition cost comes in, they take more time for the tiler to lay and even use more grout.

It is important to add that porcelain tiles also cost more – we tend to use more waste, the tiler needs to cut them on the saw rather than the tile cutter and when we have to drill holes in the tiles for taps and fixtures we chew through a significant number of drill bits, it takes longer and uses more labour.

When we refer to using more ‘waste’ we are referring to the extra offcuts of tiles that we cannot use, particularly if you choose larger tiles we have off cuts that we cannot use that we have to dispose of, in this instance we are buying more tiles and then sending more bits to the tip, so on a larger bathroom we may have a few metres of waste, we will also wish to have a box or 2 leftover rather than be short as it costs more if we are short with all the running around and the tiler having to come back another day rather than have a few leftovers.

All factors to take into consideration when choosing your tiles.

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