You may have an area out the back you would like to turn into a decked area for entertainment. A deck does need to be above ground level to accomodate the bearers and joists, so if your proposed area is to low to the ground you will need to pave or concrete instead.

How big does my deck need to be?
If your proposed deck is for entertaining, I normally recommend a minimum of 3 m wide so as to give enough space for your table and chairs, an ideal size would be say 4.8 m x 6 m so you can fit a decent outdoor table setting, lounge, coffee table and bbq.

The main picture shown here is a composite or manufactured decking called, ‘Modwood’ which is designed to last much longer in the elements than a traditional timber decking, although if you really want that real traditional authentic look then hardwood is the way to go.

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