When looking to add a #homeextension, what are my roof options?

Most commonly we reuse the existing #roof #tiles. Here on Mark and Nicole’s home(not quite finished)we have been selective of where we place new and old tiles so you can’t even tell where new and old tiles stop and start.
A more expensive option would be to skip the old tiles and use new tiles, sometimes your old tiles are in too poor a condition and this is the best option. Another option at more cost would be flat roof tiles, flat roof tiles will show up the irregularities in an old roof frame.

Here is the #colourbond roof on our recently completed Glen Alpine job and the roof going on at Michael and Polly,s #Wattlegrove home.

A colourbond roof is a little more expensive but you do have the benefit of the extra roof insulation under the roof sheets. The Anticon roof insulation shown here will also deaden the sound when it rains.

What colour? A light roof will be cooler and save you energy costs, but will show the dirt. A dark roof is hotter and more likely to fade.
Does look good though.

When choosing to #renovate with Spannenberg and Son we can go through all the options in detail.

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