You may be wondering, should I use an architect or a builder? Some people may go to an architect first to get inspiration for their renovation or build, while others may go the other route and seek out a builder for initial advice.

But did you know that nearly 50% of designs are never built because of final budget blowouts? It is in your best interest to find a specialist builder first, as they have established connections to architects and designers who can bring your visions to life.

In this article, we’ll go through what architects and builders do and the main differences between the two professions.

What Does A Building Architect Do?

An architect or Building designer can be either degree-certified or certificate level qualified professionals who are trained to project the layout, aesthetic, and floor plan of a building. They work with you to design and visualise the final project to your preferences and budget.

Architects survey the elements around construction such as flow, environment, and specifications to emerge with creative solutions for the design of your home.

Tips for choosing a good architect:

• Choose the architect with who you communicate best.

• Look for an architect with experience in your type of renovation or build.

• Choose an architect who is enthusiastic about YOUR ideas, not THEIRS.

What Does A Builder Do?

A builder might have design skills and can offer you planning advice, but their main role is specialising in constructing houses, not designing them. A good builder gets the job done, gets it done well, doesn’t blow the budget, and completes the project on time.

Their purpose is to transform the architects’ designs into the real thing, all the while overseeing compliance, budgets, permits, finishes, and everything in between.

A builder will know what the job is going to cost and will know about have practical ideas on the build process and be aware of complications and pitfalls.

What Are the Main Differences Between an Architect and A Builder?

An architect designs the floor plan of the house, whilst a builder is responsible for the actual construction of the house. Here are the main differences:

• An architect has a degree in architecture, whereas a builder has completed education to certificate level and has practical experience.

• An architect has a vision about how the end product will look, and the builder chooses the materials that will achieve this vision.

• An architect considers the codes and regulations for building a safe home (e.g., fire resistance), whereas a builder is more concerned with regulations involving safe construction (e.g., support beams).

• Architects are responsible for designing blueprints that will guarantee the safety of a building, while a builder is responsible for developing the project in line with these plans.

Builders and Architects Under the One Roof

So, should I use an architect or a builder? You should use both from the start to ensure you end up with your dream house, minus the budget blowouts, delays, and any trouble.

At Spannenberg & Sons, we take care of everything from start to finish, supported by an in-house team of designers and highly experienced builders. Backed by Ben Spannenberg’s guarantee, our skilled team creates home extensions, first floor additions, ground floor additions, outdoor living areas, internal renovations, and more.

Spannenberg & Sons also offer a full design service that runs to your budget to ensure that whatever your requirements and wishes, your final project will be everything you imagined! Get in touch with the professionals at Spannenberg & Son at today.

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