The key thing to consider is – do we want an additional or seperate living space? Do we need extra bedrooms and a bathroom or ensuite?
If you are looking to add all this to your home, it is most likely the best option would be to add up.
Some of the benefits of adding a first floor addition may include adding substantial floor area without using up yard space and a fast build timeframe because we don’t need the time consuming process of foundations. More often than not you can live in your home while we build.
Sometimes a ground floor addition is the best option for you. If you are looking to add a smaller floor area, say just 1 or 2 bedrooms or a lounge room, then a ground floor addition will likely be more cost effective, sometimes your existing home has enough bedrooms but you just want a slightly larger or more open living area, then a likely solution would be to add a room off the back, remove some walls and possibly install a new kitchen.
Spannenberg and Son are the specialists in home extensions and renovations, we can advise you on the best optionsandbest design. Call today or visit our website
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