6 Things to Consider Before Planning a Second Storey Addition: Home Improvement Tips

Adding a second storey addition to your home can be a great way to increase the amount of living space you have. However, it’s important to consider all of the factors involved in this type of home improvement project before you get started. In this blog post, we will discuss 7 things you need to think about before planning a second storey addition!

Factor 1: Your Current Home’s Structure

Before you add a second storey to your home, you need to make sure that the structure can support it. In some instances, some one-storey homes are not capable enough to hold the extra weight of a second storey, and in this case, you may need to consider an alternative such as a  ground-floor extension instead.

Factor 2: The Costs Involved

This project can be quite expensive. Make sure you have enough money in the bank to cover all costs associated with second storey additions before getting started! In addition, look into financing options that may help pay for this project if necessary. Make sure you have an accurate estimate of the costs involved before getting started. Generally, expenses can increase if there are extra wiring or plumbing work that needs to be done.

Factor 3: Building Regulations

In order to add a second storey to your home, you will likely need to check with your local zoning council. Make sure you are familiar with any building regulations such as height restrictions that may apply to your area before you get started.

Factor 4: The Timeframe of this Project

Adding a second storey is not something you can do overnight! Before starting this project, make sure you have ample time available to devote towards its completion. It’s also worth noting that adding another level onto your house will likely require some disruption during construction; it may take weeks before you’re able to move back in.

Factor 5: The Purpose of the Second Storey Addition

Before starting this project, think about how the second storey will be used. Will it serve as additional living space or is there another purpose? This can help you determine what type of second storey addition would best suit your needs and budget!

Factor 6: Your Home’s Design Style

The second storey should match with the rest of your home’s design style so that everything looks cohesive when completed. For example, if you have a traditional-style house then any second-storey additions should reflect this aesthetic as well.

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After having considered these 7 factors, you should know whether or not second storey additions are right for your home improvement needs. Whatever route you take with your second story addition project – make sure that it fits into both your budget as well as what will look best aesthetically speaking! Good luck planning out those details ahead of time so everything goes smoothly once construction begins.

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