Curl Curl Builder


With decades of experience, Spannenberg & Son lead the way with our beautiful home renovations and extensions in Curl Curl. From plan to build, our team have created a step-by-step process with a bespoke approach for each of our clients when it comes to transforming their home.


No two homes are the same. That is why we value our custom approach to ensure that our clients are satisfied with the result they desire. From narrow, sloped and oddly shaped blocks, no project is too difficult, nor big for Spannenberg & Son to handle. With countless homes built, renovated and extended in our repertoire, your Curl Curl home is in safe hands.

Our Expertise

Additions & Extensions
We dislike simple and box-like floor plans as much as you. That is why we are dedicated to providing extensively detailed designs fit for your lifestyle, block and home. If you are unsure, we can guide and advise you on the most suitable option for you. Whether it is an addition or extension for your home, you can be reassured that we incorporate both design and practicality. We take the time to sit down and expertly plan with you your new entertainment area, spare bedrooms, second living – the list is endless.

Design & Construct
Designing your home can be an exhilarating or daunting experience. In some cases, people spend thousands to design their home only to succumb to the realisation that the build is far outside their budget. That is why with Spannenberg & Son and our expert designers, we can give you the elements you desire for your future Curl Curl home while helping you navigate to stay within the budget. We believe getting the job done right the first time is best, avoiding costly hiccups in the future.

Far more than replacing old with the new, renovations should be handled by professionals within their field of expertise to ensure they last beautifully. We handle kitchen renovations, bathroom renovations and wall removal renovations. This also includes the flooring, window/door replacements, decking and structural modifications. All of which are managed entirely by our principal, Ben Spannenberg. The result is a thoughtful, finessed and well-designed renovation.


  • Exceptional Customer Service: We understand that building your home with us is an experience and a journey. Therefore, we pride ourselves in ensuring that your questions are answered and that you are in the loop every step of the way.
  • Fit for Budget: We do not push the limits with your set budget, nor do we have hidden fees. We work alongside you with your extension or renovation in Curl Curl and provide you with solutions to help you achieve your dream home while feeling satisfied with the quote.
  • On Time:At Spannenberg & Son, our team is dedicated to commence and finish the build within the allocated time frame. That way, you can move into your brand-new home as soon as we are complete.
  • Supervised & Quality Checked: Our homes last beautifully. This is no coincidence and is achieved only through attention to detail and consistent checks by a dedicated supervisor.
  • Insured & Licensed: We are fully insured including workers compensation, contractors all risk insurance, public liability and homeowners’ warranty. We are compliant with occupational health and safety requirements. Additionally, our tradesmen are all fully licensed and are consistently advancing their skills in their professional development.

If you would like to speak to one of our team members at Spannnenberg & Son about your home in Curl Curl for a renovation, extension or build – please contact us today.


We are proud to offer a guarantee for all our work for 6 years after completion. On a rare occasion, should an issue arise, you can contact us to have the concern resolved immediately. Additionally, we offer a 3-month maintenance period after completion. Transparency is another one of our guarantees and providing hassle-free communication.

We provide an exact and accurate price guide for all of our quotes. If you have been in touch with a builder for your renovation or extension in Curl Curl and they have provided a quote with numerous provisional or prime costs, this is a strong indicator that your builder has not put in the necessary work required to get an accurate quote.

At Spannenberg & Son, we do not appreciate surprises just as much as you, the client. We give you peace of mind by avoiding delayed time frames and additional costs. If you would like to know more about how we can help you improve or build your home in Curl Curl, please contact us for a 20-minute no-obligation consultation here.


As one of the oldest construction companies in Sydney, we bring a wealth of knowledge in our field of expertise. We know our Northern Beaches suburbs well and have been proud to build long-lasting homes for our satisfied clients. If you would like to experience the Spannenberg & Son difference, contact us today for a stress-free, honest and professional approach to your build.