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emember this job at Mount Hunter?

Remember this job at Mount Hunter? Walk down memory lane, completed this job about 2015. We often see the outside of jobs, here is an interior shot. There is an enormous amount of work that goes into a #chimney, huge number of #bricks, labour, #stone, #threshold, #mantle, #flashings and of course the #hearth. The bricklayer, high up the chimney scaffolding always asks me ‘have I bricked high enough? can I stop now?’ And I inevitably have so say ‘No keep going’.
Chimneys cost a bomb, but they add such #character and #warmth to a home.

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Key part of your #homeextension or #firstflooradditio

Key part of your #homeextension or #firstflooraddition .
Many of our jobs have either timber balusters or wrought iron balusters. Other options are solid #timber stairs or floor coverings on top of manufactured wood stairs. This job has wrought iron balusters and #timberflooring over manufactured wood stairs risers are painted.

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Did you know you can live in your house while we #build?

It is quite common for us to get the roof on, windows and cladding even gyprock in before we break into the existing #home.
Of course if you are doing changes to your existing home eg. moving walls, kitchens and bathroom you may be required to move out.

Here is an update on our #curranshill #addition, roof on, windows and cladding.

Space- 4 bedrooms, living, toilet and bathroom.

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#Ambervale job

#Ambervale job
You can see we are well on the way at Ambervale, you can see the #renderers working away and Ethan busy on the scaffold. Thinking of adding a #homeextension to your home? We can add #space and make your home look great.