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Employee Profile – Mitch

Employee Profile – Mitch


-Favourite sport – Golf

-Favourite food – Mums butter chicken

-Favourite colour – Black

-Best thing about working for Spannenberg and Son – The people and the team

Mitch is part of our Northern beaches team, he is hardworking, a great team player and has good carpentry skills

We love having you on team Mitch!

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What are the things your builder is doing that you don’t see?

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Your building company may look glossy on the outside but what is going on behind the scenes?

Building is the most highly regulated industry in Australia and most people don’t see this, you may see some glossy photos but there is so much more going on behind the scenes.

Be assured that Spannenberg and Son are diligently working behind the scenes to have all these things covered so we can deliver quality, service and dependability so you can have a builder that you can trust.

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A first floor addition is great way to add a significant amount of floor area

A first floor addition is great way to add a significant amount of floor area, bedrooms, living rooms, bathroom…

Whereas some of our competitors will only do first floor additions, Spannenberg and Son can can also include ground floor renovations It might be bathrooms, kitchens, enlarging your living areas or adding an out door entertaining area.

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How long will my home renovation take to build?

Post DA or CDC approval we generally need a month or so before we can start the build to order materials and schedule the project.

All our projects are assigned a Project manager for their specific build to be their point of contact and schedule to job from start to completion, this way the project runs in a smooth and timely manner ensuring trades and materials turn up on time and the quality is incorporated in the build.

An average 1st floor additions take about 4-6 months to build, a ground floor addition can take 6 – 8 months.